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India's First FPC In Goat Rearing

Goat Farmer Producer Company in Tamilnadu

Goat Farming in Tamil Nadu

Investment in Goat Farming


Our mission is to produce best quality, fast growing, heritably higher breeding stock, fresh goat meats to ease local villages to acquire better practise in goat rearing for their livelihood. Also, we are the right place for the business people to do investment in goat farming to get high returns.


Our Vision is to build a thriving and sustainable agriculture sector through promoting and supporting shareholders. We assists to improve productivity through investing in goat farming and know their value of returns for their produces by cumulative marketing network supported by India Government, financial institutions, civil society, Research Agencies and other private sectors.


The main aim of the AIFPCL Company is to enhance livelihoods and thus reduce poverty of the small and trivial landless farmers in certain clusters of Villupuram, Tamil Nadu.

About Us

Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company Limited (AIFPCL)

Agrotechfpc is a popular goat farmer producer company in tamilnadu with a primary aim to help local village peoples to develop their goat farming business and ensure their growth in income. The more your investment in goat farming can be beneficial in getting high returns. We also give assistance on goat farming techniques, better feed management, proper breeding practices and high quality livestock.

We are renowned as best service provider of goat farming in Andhra Pradesh, India. Well known for goat trading, goat rearing, goat breeds, fresh goat meat, boer goats for sale and country breed goats for sale. Our farm is located in Viluppuram, Tamilnadu with a vast spacious atmosphere for goat farming and goat breeding.

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investment for goat farming in tamilnadu
investment for goat farming in tamilnadu

Our Services

Goat Farming

Agrotechfpc is one among the leading goat farmer Producer Company in Tamil nadu. Goat farming business has become boom in India nowadays.It is believed as poor man’s cow. An Environmental and climate condition of Tamilnadu is very apt for doing goat rearing business.

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Goat Breeds

Goat is a multipurpose animal that plays a substantial role in the economy and serves as nutrition of landless. Investment in goat farming provides a massive support for small and marginal farmers in the country.

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Goat Meat

Goat meat is the most popular and widely consumed or ingested meat in the world. The meat extracted from adult goat is known as Chevon meat which contains more health benefits. Also, goat meat is the only meat which exceeds or transcends all religious boundaries.

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