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A Step Nearer to Converting Yet Another Business Dream Into Reality!

We at Agrotech have reached a height from where foraging into dairy free ground nut milk and butter business venture seems almost a stone’s throw away. Our continuous and constant efforts to keep marching towards a more agrarian business venture seems to see the light of the day. The Universe is on our side and makes things happen with ease for us. It will, because divine support is with us and also because of the fact that we have implanted our business roots around sustainable livelihood and enhancing living standards of rural masses. Where the concern is genuine, nothing will hinder our business spirit.

Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company has begun the procurement of ground nuts from the current Kharif cash crop season at minimum support price (MSP) where arrangements have been made to make instant payment to farmers who are willing to sell their crop at the MSP. This method will instill in transparency and credibility to a greater extent and in the whole system and process of procuring ground nuts. Agrotech has initiated the process of procuring groundnuts from farmers already under the MSP. This will lend itself as a major relief and support to all farmers who need not wait to sell their ground nuts to other agents who procure at a price much lower than the stipulated MSP thereby incurring loss to farmers who would be exploited rather.

Agrotech procurement will commence at all locations across Tamil Nadu at the MSP and all registered farmers will be able to sell up to 25 quintals of their produce. Agrotech being a farmer friendly company, will strive and do all that is possible which gives utmost benefit to farmers.

The very motto of Agrotech to have business roots deep into enhancing agrarian economy and enriching lives and livelihood of farmers is evident in the manner in which Agrotech has decided to procure ground nuts at the MSP thereby aiming at a WIN WIN business strategy yielding mutual benefits, growth and sustained and everlasting farmer relationship.