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Agrotech Integrated Farmer Producer Company Limited (AIFPCL)

About Us

Agrotechfpc is a popular goat farmer producer company in tamilnadu with a primary aim to help local village peoples to develop their goat farming business and ensure their growth in income. The more your investment in goat farming can be beneficial in getting high returns. We also give assistance on goat farming techniques, better feed management, proper breeding practices and higher quality livestock. We are renowned as best service provider of goat farming in Andhra Pradesh, India. Well known for goat trading, goat rearing, goat breeds, fresh goat meat, boer goats for sale and country breed goats for sale.

farmer producer company in andhra pradesh

Our farm is located in Viluppuram with a vast spacious atmosphere for goat farming and goat breeding. We have experienced team members along with dedicated vet to maintain hygienic environment for goats and to take care of them. There are lots of goat breeds in tamilnadu which are an important source of Milk, Fibre, Meat, Skin and Manure. We have put a lot of hard work to attain customer trust for their investment in goat farming. Our local farm is designed in a way that ensures high number of goat breeding, broiler goat for meat industry, managing goat milk & goat manure and nurturing of high quality studs.