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Fresh Goat Meat in TamilNadu

Goat meat is the most popular and widely consumed or ingested meat in the world. The meat extracted from adult goat is known as Chevon meat which contains more health benefits. Also, goat meat is the only meat which exceeds or transcends all religious boundaries. The fresh goat meat is truly high in protein with fewer calories. These goat meats are available in various sizes and can be bought or purchased at butchers.

investment in goat farming

Agrotechfpc is a well established and famous goat farmer producer company in tamilnadu. We supply boneless goat meat and quality frozen bone to domestic restaurants, local markets and all over in India. Goat meat is usually an important part of many cultural or ethnic traditions and festivals in our country.

Health benefits of Goat Meat

Low Calorie Content

The fresh goat meat contains very low calories while comparing to other form of red meats. In a research study it is found that the calorie content of 100 g goat meat is 122. On the other hand, chicken meat has 162 calories, pork has 180 calorie content and beef meat has 178 calories. Also, goat meat helps to reduce the growth of heart related disease.

Rich in Dietary Iron

Myogobin is one of the primary content that you can found in goat meat. It is beneficial for bloods in a human body and maintains a good health. This will keep you away from problems like iron deficiency or anemia.

Low in Cholesterol and Saturated Fats

Considering other kind of red meats, goat meat has less cholesterol content. It is also low in saturated fat values and has high unsaturated fats. In a study it proven that unsaturated fat foods increases good cholesterol blood levels which is good for heart functioning. This is one of the major health benefits of goat meat to have.

Reduces the Stress

Goat meat contains good levels of B12 vitamin that keeps you away from depression, anxiety disorder and stress. We make or produce proper goat meat in tamilnadu that supplies on local markets and more restaurants.

Low Sodium Levels

Fresh goat meat is basically less in sodium level content. Comparing other red meats it holds only 82 mg of sodium level in a 100 g goat meat. As it contains less sodium content, it is good for the person who suffers from high blood pressure. So, it increases the goat sale in tamilnadu invariably with these benefits.

Helps Burn Excess Fat

Vitamin B assists the human body to reduce stubborn fat. Goat meat has Vitamin B substance that has the ability to keep down the excess fat on your body. Also, fresh goat meat is high in protein elements which make your body to stay fit.

Rich in Dietary Potassium

This delicious red meat is normally rich in dietary potassium. A research study has shown that a 100 g goat meat can carries 385 g of potassium in it. Due to this substance in goat meat, it helps to maintain blood pressure levels. Addition to this, potassium assists to stabilise the heart rhythms which turns to avoid irregular heartbeats as well.

In recent days the goat trading in tamilnadu emerges as a beneficial business for the farmers. There are more health benefits of goat meat in Andhra Pradesh which takes this goat farming business into a new level where one can attain more success.