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Goat Farmer Producer Company in Tamil Nadu

Goat Farming

Agrotechfpc is one among the leading goat farmer Producer Company in Tamil nadu. Goat farming business has become boom in India nowadays. It is believed as poor man’s cow. An Environmental and climate condition of Tamilnadu is very apt for doing goat rearing business. So, if you are looking for business to start goat farming in Tamilnadu then, you can hire us. Here we are describing the benefits of choosing goat farming business and necessary steps for initiating a profitable business.

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Goat rearing has become profitable business and as well it needs only low investment as of its multi-functional utility. In general, goat farming refers to rearing goats for the reason of harvesting meat, milk and fiber. Goats are known to be multi-functional animals. You can make a broad array of products from goats, like milk, manure, meat, fiber, etc. Milk of goat is used for making full cream goat powder, fresh goat milk, goat butter, skimmed goat milk powder, goat milk cream, etc.

Why Should Choose goat farming in Tamilnadu

There are lots of benefits of goat farming business. And this is why lots of farmers around the globe are raising goats for income as well as for making their livelihood. Goats are best creatures. They are curious, neat and lovable. It is smaller size animals and thus need less care and management. Goats are apt for both small scale and industrial operation.

Today, many beginning and existing village goat farmers are raising goats for making many profits. Nowadays, goat trading in Tamil Nadu has gained popularity rapidly and good demand for the goat products in the marketplace, operating low cost and accessibility of numerous quality goat breeds are the essential benefits for goat rearing in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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Goat’s meat and milk are very delicious, nutritious and thought good for human health. It is one of the major meat producing animals in India. Many people prefer to eat fresh goat meat. There is high demand for goat products in market and also price in market. Following are the notable benefits for starting business of goat farming in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Advantages of goat farming / Utility of goats:-

  • The initial investment required for goat farming is very less.
  • Due to small in size and quiet nature, housing needs and management problems among goats are less.
  • Goat is multipurpose ability animal producing milk, fibre, meat, hide and manure. In mountainous areas, goats can also be used for carrying light loads.
  • Goats are productive breeders and attain sexual maturity in the age of 10 to 12 months and starts providing milk from the age of 16 to 17 mon¬ths, twining is common and triplets, quadruplets are very rare.
  • Goat farming is a gainful occupation for a farmer village goat and can fit well in to mixed farming.
  • In lack prone areas, hazard of goat farming is much less when compared to other live¬stock types.
  • Goat farming is a gainful occupation for a farmer village goat and can fit well in to mixed farming.
  • The goat meat is low chole¬sterol and it is best for people who desire low energy diet mainly in summer.
  • Goat’s maintenance is cheaper, easily available and has a friendly nature.
  • In India, there is no religious banned beside goat slaughter and meat eating.
  • Goat milk is apt for preparing different milk products.
  • Goats are able of adapting to different agro-climatic conditions like from arid dry to hot humid to cold arid.
  • Goat milk is simple to digest compare to cow milk as of small fat globules as well as it is natur-ally homogenised. Milk of goat can play main role in enhancing appetite and digestive competence.
  • Goats are best tolerant towards hot climate compare to other farm animals.
  • Goat milk can be utilized as a ayurvedic medicine to treat a person who is sick with asthma, diabetes, cough, etc..
  • Goat milk is non-allergic and it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
  • Goats suffer from less allergic problems than other big animals.
  • Goat milk has a superior substance of B-complex vitamins.
  • Goats can be milked many number of times a day, avoiding milk storage issues and refrigeration costs.